Targeted Request for Proposals

The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board (MSPB) focuses on investing Mississippi checkoff dollars to develop and promote soybean and soybean production to improve the bottom-line potential for soybean farmers. The MSPB strategy is to leverage funds and partner with public and private entities to address production research, identify market opportunities, and communicate the outcomes to Mississippi soybean farmers and industry influencers.

MSPB is trialing a framework through which it can more effectively invest checkoff dollars on behalf of Mississippi soybean growers. That framework will utilize Targeted Requests for Proposal (TRFP). The strategy of TRFPs is built upon identification of comprehensive General Focus Areas (GFAs). The GFA is a general agronomic subject matter with high interest of growers and industry. A single TRFP is tied to a single GFA. The GFA is further divided into Specific Research Targets (SRTs) which correspond to the ‘scope’ of the more comprehensive GFA. Proposals should be directed to address one or several of the SRTs. The intentions of the framework include: 1) shift a portion of research focus and budget spend from present issues and impact and toward near-term (5 year) and longer-term (10 year) efforts and impacts, 2) develop a greater proportion of funded research that is unique, new, and likely to accentuate MSPB funded research within the soybean industry, 3) encourage collaborative efforts across disciplines for a better understanding of key issues, and 4) close some of the gap between current research and focus areas of early-adopters in the state. TRFP proposals must be submitted by January 16, 2024 by emailing

MSPB has identified five areas of interest for TRFP. Please click the individual TRFP links below to explore TRFP descriptions, backgrounds, and instructions.

  1. Characterizing Impact of Irrrigation Water Quality Across Both Geography and Time on Nutrient Use and Yield of MS Soybean
  2. Measures to Ensure Success in Foliar Nutritional Applications in MS Soybean Production Using Manganese as a Model Element
  3. Characterizing Impact of Plant Growth Regulator, Biostimulant, Biological, and Nutritional Products on Soybean Grown in MS
  4. Further Combating Phomopsis Seed Decay in MS Soybean
  5. Application of Soil Biological Presence and Activity to Soil Fertility Principles in MS Soybean Production

For questions and more information regarding the Targeted RFP process, please contact Brewer Blessitt at or (662)207-5723.