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Free Nematode Sampling Offered from MSU Plant Diagnostic Lab

Nematode damage in many Mississippi soybean fields are often misdiagnosed and in some situations ignored. Nematode symptoms are often diagnosed as disease issues and others may pass off the issue as a nutrient deficiency. Foliar symptoms of nematode damage can be very similar to disease and nutrient issues and the reason for incorrectly diagnosed. A recent video by the Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN) Coalition stresses the value of soil sampling. “You need to know what fields have them and at what level and that set the basis for how you approach the battle,” says Greg Tylka, nematologist with Iowa State University.

The MSU Plant Diagnostic Lab takes the guesswork out of your fields by providing free nematode sampling until August 30, 2020. Although in Mississippi the root-knot and reniform nematodes are more of an issue in grower’s fields, we have included the addition of SCN. 

The opportunity for free testing is being subsidized by the United Soybean Board in partnership with the SCN Coalition. The SCN Coalition is a group of university scientists, extension specialists and agricultural company representatives dedicated to helping soybean producers manage these pests.

To qualify for free testing, samples must be accompanied by the SCN sample submission form located here. Instructions for proper field sampling can be found here.

Test results will include counts of all parasitic nematodes in the submitted sample. Technicians also will perform a SCN viability test on all recovered cysts. Questions about the test should be directed to the MSU Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab at 662-325-2146.