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Irrigation Updates/Reminders for 2021

Delta Plastics is the leading manufacturer and supplier of polytube that is used by producers to surface-irrigate Midsouth crops. They operate a manufacturing plant in Little Rock, Ark., and a location in Stuttgart, Ark. that is dedicated to their recycling operations. Thus, they are committed to a closed-loop production and recycling process.

Delta Plastics is devoted to a region-wide effort to reduce the amount of irrigation water applied to crops in the Delta so that water that is pumped from the Mississippi River Alluvial Aquifer (MRVA) is conserved for long-term irrigation viability. Their Pipe Planner program is the premier tool to use for the accurate setup of a furrow irrigation plan for crop fields in the Delta. There is a video in this link that describes “What’s New in 2021". The company’s staff has also devoted considerable time and effort toward the production of videos that provide information on various aspects of furrow irrigation setup and associated water-saving tool

Click here to access articles on the MSSOY website that provide details about the various water-saving techniques to use when irrigating Midsouth crops. Click here to access the definitive “Mississippi Soybean Irrigation Guide” that was compiled by the MSPB to help Delta soybean producers continue to become more efficient irrigator

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, May 2021,