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Planting Time Information Sources on MSSOY

Planting time is here, and so to is the optimism that comes with a new growing season. This is especially so since soybean commodity price is at a level that should lead to profitable soybean farming.

We all know that many of the factors to consider at planting time remain the same from year to year. However, with each new growing season, there are always new products and technologies that can and should be considered before planting. Below are links to articles on this website that contain up-to-date information about factors and items that should receive special attention at planting time.

Using Multi-State Variety Trial Results. Click this link to access 2020 variety trial data from Midsouth states. These data can be used to aid in the confirmation of selected varieties to plant in 2021.

Accessing Companies’ Soybean Variety Data. Click to access links to numerous private seed company websites where a list of soybean varieties (along with their trait data) from those companies can be obtained.

Varietal Screening for Metribuzin Sensitivity. Each year, Scientists and Specialists with the Univ. of Arkansas conduct greenhouse screenings of soybean varieties to test their sensitivity to the Group 5 herbicide metribuzin. Click this link to access their ratings for soybean varieties that are planted in the Midsouth.

Root knot nematode ratings for selected soybean varieties. Click this link to access root knot nematode ratings of selected soybean varieties that were assigned by Scientists/Specialists at the Univ. of Arkansas.

Planting Date Decisions. Click this link to access an article that summarizes important points to consider when deciding when to plant soybeans.

Row Spacing Decisions. Click this link to review the points that should be considered when making the decision about which row width to use when planting soybeans.

Soybean Seeding Rate and Plant Population. Click this link to review points that should be considered when making the decision about how many soybean seed to plant to achieve an acceptable plant population/stand.

Seed Treatments and Inoculants. Click this link to access the latest information that can be used for selecting seed treatment products that can/should be applied to soybean seed at planting.

Pest Management Guides. Click this link to access weed, insect, and disease management guides from the Midsouth states. Information in these guides can be used to determine what pesticides should be used at planting, and what weed, insect, and disease pests they can be used for.

Management factors for Midsouth soybean production. Click this link to access a list of best management practices that should be considered before the growing season commences.

Fact Sheets. Click this link to access fact sheets that contain summaries of important factors to consider when planning a soybean crop.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Apr. 2021,