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Resources Available from Pesticide-Resistance Management Website

Are you doing enough to prevent pesticide resistance in your fields? Take Action can help you determine the best practices for you to prevent and manage resistance in weeds, insects and diseases on your farm.

The Take Action program, created by the soy checkoff in collaboration with commodity groups, university weed scientists and the crop protection industry, packages up all the tools needed to build a comprehensive plan to protect against yield-robbing threats and the development of resistance all season long.

Know Your Weeds: To select the best mode of action, you first have to identify and understand the weeds you’re dealing with. Use the Weed Identifier and Herbicide Lookup Tool on the website, also available on the Take Action app, for the latest information to make field management decisions. You can take it one step further by exploring the principles of herbicide resistance so you can use herbicides effectively and efficiently for years to come.

Control Insect Pressures: Each season presents its own set of challenges when it comes to insect pressures. Take Action aims to help farmers discover cultural practices, economic thresholds and insecticide efficacy to be smart when dealing with a variety of insects. Use the Insecticide Classification Chart and other resources to build an integrated pest management strategy and avoid insecticide resistance.

Manage Diseases Early: Diseases are a quick way to lose yield and plant integrity. Stay ahead of foliar diseases and explore the Fungicide Lookup Tool to make the right selection for your soybeans. The Lookup Tool provides you with the online labels of a variety of fungicides for you to make the best decision for your disease management plan mode of action.

As a soybean grower, you can find resources, developed for you using the latest information from affiliated researchers and specialists throughout the U.S., that focus on the difficulties with weeds, insects and disease in soybeans. Explore Take Action and find additional resources for a well-rounded soybean management plan at