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Summary of Information on MSSOY.ORG

The MSPB website ( has been upgraded. The below links are to articles on this website or to articles on other websites that contain the best information available for growing soybeans in Mississippi.

The MSSOY articles and blogs, and articles that are linked in them, summarize pertinent points about each subject. In other words, each below link will have current information or links to current information that can be used to advantage by producers who are growing soybeans in the Midsouth.

Pertinent, timely information on a variety of subjects is posted in the Blog section of the website. New entries will be posted in this section several times each month. Results from MSPB-funded research projects as they become available will be posted in the “Research and Reports” section of the website.



Variety Selection–MSSOY

Using Multi-State Variety Trials

Planting Date

Planting Date and Temperature

Planting Date Recommendations–DREC

Planting Date Decisions–White Paper

Last Spring Frost Date–All States–NOAA

After the Flood: Row Crop Planting–MSUcares

Maturity Group/Planting Date

Early Soybean Production System (ESPS) Handbook

Row Spacing

Row Spacing Decisions–White Paper

Seeding Rate/Plant Population

Optimal Plant Populations/Seeding Rates for Soybeans–MSUcares



Soybean Insect Identification Guide–MSUcares

Insect Control Guide–MSUcares

Insecticide Seed Treatment–MSPB Project Report

Using Insect Thresholds


Soybean Disease Atlas–SSDW

Seedling Diseases–PHI

Guidelines for Managing Soybean Diseases–White Paper

Disease Identification and Management–Univ. of Ark.

Using Seed Treatments and Inoculants–White Paper

Foliar Diseases of Soybeans in the South–LSU

Asian Soybean Rust–MSUcares

Rust Website–PIPE

Soybean Rust Compendium–OARDC

Fungicide Control of Soybean Rust–MSUcares


Managing Nematode Pests in Midsouth Soybeans–White Paper

Soybean Cyst Nematode–MSUcares

SCN: Diagnosis and Management–Univ. of Missouri

Soybean Cyst Nematode Management Guide–NCSRP and PHI

Nematode Thresholds for Soybeans–MSUcares


Soybean Irrigation Guide–White Paper

Soybean Water Use and Irrigation Scheduling

Irrigation System Selection–MSUcares

Soil Texture and Available Water

Managing Water Resources



Soil Testing Guide–MSUcares

Liming and Fertilization–MSUcares




Nutrient Management Data–MSUcares

Nitrogen Fertility for Soybeans

Nutrient Management Guidelines–MSUcares


Tillage for Midsouth Soybean Production–White Paper

Deep Tillage of Clay Soils–2001

Deep Tillage of Clay Soils–2002


Weed ID Guide–Univ. of Missouri

Herbicide Mechanism of Action–White Paper

Weed Control Guidelines for Mississippi Soybeans–MSUcares

Weed Control Guidelines for Mississippi–MSUcares

Control of Resistant Pigweed–MSUCARES

Resistance Management–

Using Harvest Aids

Varietal Screening for Metribuzin Sensitivity–MSUcares


Sampling to Assess Production Problems–White Paper

Guide to Soybean Growth Stages–MSUcares

Maturity Date Calculator–SOYPHENO–MSUcares

Mississippi State Budget Generator–MSU Ag. Econ.

Planning Budget Publications–MSU Ag. Econ.

Web Resources for Soybean Information

Focus on Soybean–PMN

Delta Agricultural Weather Center–DREC

Field Guide to Soybean Damage–MSUcares

Sustainability of Soybean Production–White Paper

Using Multi-State Variety Trials–White Paper

MSU Crop Situation Blog

If you are growing soybeans in Mississippi or other Midsouthern states, the above links should provide information that you can use to grow a profitable crop.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Apr. 2012,