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University of Arkansas Weed Management Resources

In today’s production environment of ever-evolving herbicide resistance in myriad weed species, producers must have access to up-to-date information about what herbicides to use in specific situations to manage these problematic weeds. This includes being aware of the various herbicide resistance trait packages in soybeans and which herbicides can be applied to them.

Three resources from the Univ. of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service can be accessed to help with these decisions. They are as follows.

FAA2185–Metolachlor Herbicides: What are the Facts? This resource provides information regarding metolachlor chemistry (WSSA Group 15 herbicide) and how it should be considered when selecting metolachlor-containing herbicide products. It also provides information about recent discoveries of metolachlor resistance in certain weed species, and recommendations for successfully using metolachlor herbicides to ensure maximum control of targeted weeds plus ensure the long-term effectiveness of all Group 15 herbicides.

MP544–Herbicide Resistance Traits: Quick Reference Guide. This quick reference guide was developed to provide a resource that can be used to quickly identify what herbicides can be applied to each current herbicide-resistant trait in major Midsouth crops, including soybeans. This tool uses a checkmark and green color to indicate that a herbicide paired with an indicated herbicide-resistant trait in soybean will not injure the crop if applied in-season.

UAEX Weed Science Webpage. This site contains links to the following Univ. of Arkansas resources.

  • Arkansas Row Crops BlogThis site has articles that include those containing timely information related to weed management in soybeans.
  • The Univ. of Arkansas Weed Control Guide (MP44)Recommended herbicides and their application information when used on soybeans and other crops.
  • Weed Management PublicationsUniv. of Arkansas Weed Scientists and Specialists have produced publications that offer the latest in research-based, practical recommendations for weed identification and management in all crops, including soybeans.
  • Weed Management VideosUniv. of Arkansas Weed Scientists and Specialists have produced educational videos that cover topics related to the latest in weed control technology.
  • Weed Management Presentations. Online weed management presentations made by Univ. of Arkansas Weed Scientists and Specialists.
  • Auxin HerbicidesUp-to-date information regarding the use of auxin herbicides in Midsouth cropping systems.
  • Weed ID Database. A searchable database that can be used for the identification of problem weeds.
  • Herbicide Injury ID Database. Contains pictures of the symptoms resulting from direct exposure of soybeans and other crops to selected herbicides.
  • Herbicide Application Certification. Details about how Arkansas farmers can become certified to apply restricted-use pesticides–i.e., auxin herbicides–to crops.
  • Palmer Amaranth Management (PAM) Weed Control Program. A decision-support tool that can be used to develop an integrated plan for the management of Palmer amaranth in corn, cotton, and soybeans. Links are provided to access the PAM User Manual and updates to the PAM software.
  • Weed Management Directory. Contact information for Univ. of Arkansas Weed Scientists and Specialists.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, May 2019,