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Mississippi Agricultural Land Values and Cash Rents

Dr. Bryon Parman, Assistant Extension Professor in MSU’s Dept. Of Agricultural Economics, has published results from surveys conducted from 2014 through 2017 that provide information about Mississippi land values, and cash rents paid by Mississippi farmers during those years..

Links to individual years’ reports and a summary of 2015-2017 data are provided below.

Miss. Agric. Land Values and Cash Rents Report: 2014–Pub. 2871

Miss. Agric. Land Values, Cash Rents, and Lending Conditons: Spring 2015–Pub. 2889

Miss. Agric. Land Values Sales Report: 2015–Pub. 2940

Miss. Agric. Land Values and Cash Rents Report–2016 (From Pub. 2967)

Miss. Agric. Land Values and Cash Rents Report–2017 (From Pub. 3118)

Miss. Agric. Land Values and Cash Rents–2015-2017 (Summary of 2015-2017 data)

Miss. Agric. Credit and Lending Condtions: 2017–Pub. 3135

The above reports focus on land values and rents for Mississippi cropland, and are intended to be an information guide for producers, landowners, and professionals working in the agricultural real estate and finance sectors.

Composed by Larry G. Heatherly, Nov. 2017,