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Your Hub For Soybean
Farming In Mississippi

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Mississippi Diseases And Nematodes

The Mississippi Soybean Promotion Board aims to help farmers identify and control damaging diseases before it’s too late.

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Mississippi Insects

It starts by determining when insects reach the economic threshold level. This is the point at which damaging insects must be treated before your operation starts to lose money.

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Mississippi Irrigation

Under its Sustainable Irrigation Project (SIP), MSBP provides practices and tools to reduce the amount of irrigation water applieed to the states crops.

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Mississippi Weeds

Learn everything you need to know about local herbicide-resistant weeds and how to fight them from MSPB and the Take Action initiative.

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Enhance Weed Control With Cover Crops

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Dryland Soybean Production Systems Improve Yields and Aid Sustainability

High-quality soybeans rely on a balanced system consisting of soil, environmental factors and decisions made by the farmer.

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Practice Crop Rotation for Improved Quality and Yields

Crop rotation has important agronomic effects that can impact a farmer’s bottom line, and soybeans are a key crop for maximizing these effects.

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MSPB Needs Your Input

We need insight from Mississippi soybean growers to assist in the development of future programs and communications.

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Variety Selector

Find the best soybean variety for you and your farm. Select varieties based on yield, trait, pest, insecticide interaction, and more. Filter by the following criteria.