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Your Hub For Soybean
Farming In Mississippi

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Mississippi Irrigation

Under its Sustainable Irrigation Project (SIP), MSBP provides practices and tools to reduce the amount of irrigation water applied to the states crops.

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Mississippi Weeds

Learn everything you need to know about local herbicide-resistant weeds and how to fight them from MSPB and the Take Action initiative.

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A Students Guide to Careers in Plant Breeding

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Atmometers--Another Tool for Midsouth Irrigation

A case for using atmometers as another tool to more efficiently manage crop irrigation is presented.

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Even the Comics Depict Agricultural Ignorance

A popular comic strip depicts how consumers are ignorant of the derivation of the foodstuffs they buy.

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Managing Herbicide-Resistant Pigweed in Xtend Soybeans

A series of articles by Dr. Larry Steckel that outline weed control strategies to control Palmer amaranth in Xtend soybeans is summarized.

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Variety Selector

Find the best soybean variety for you and your farm. Select varieties based on yield, trait, pest, insecticide interaction, and more. Filter by the following criteria.